"We don't like our photo being taken, how can you make it easier for us?"

We include a pre-wedding shoot/meeting in every package, it's a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and to run through your plans for the wedding day. We also make personalised table cards with images from the pre-wedding pictures, everyone tells us on the day that the pre-wedding shoot really helped.


"What equipment do you use?"

Canon, not that it should matter if you like our style, we also carry several backups at all weddings.


"How long do you stay?"

We usually arrive at the Brides house or the venue at least two hours before the ceremony and stay until just after the first dance, so we can also get some of the evening party.


"Do you work on your own?"

 I normally work with my wife Carole, who usually manages to get great shots from different angles, which add nicely to the story and she always seems to have a needle and thread, a crochet hook or a cuddly toy to hand if we have any tearful toddlers.


"How many pictures will we get?"

I  guarantee 400 images minimum if it is a full day wedding, usually more, I tend to only delete shots with closed eyes or any test shots I have taken.


"Do you use flash?"

During the day we look for the best locations with the most flattering light and if we need to enhance it we will add flash or we will use flash to add more drama.


"How long before we get to see the images?"

Usually within two weeks of the wedding or they will be ready the day you return from honeymoon, it may be up to four weeks during the Summer months due to it being peak season.



"Do you take Group shots?"

Yes, we do, we make sure we know which ones you would like and we get these shot as quickly and efficiently as possible as we know from experience this is the part of the wedding that most guests are not that keen on, we suggest no more than 6 or 7 main groups, otherwise this part of the day can seem endless, we are happy to take other informal groups throughout the day.


"How long do you keep the images?"

Once you have received your images on the USB we keep all our wedding images indefinitely and they remain in the Client Area on the website for at least 18 months.


"Is this your full-time job?"

Yes,  We have photographed weddings full time since 2006, covering over 350 weddings all over the UK.


"Do you have insurance?"

Yes, we carry full liability insurance.


"What do you do if you cover weddings away from the North West?"

Our Golden rule is to stay somewhere overnight when we shoot weddings more than 50 miles away from home. And we avoid motorways on the day of a wedding. We give ourselves plenty of time always check maps and never trust Sat Navs.


"What happens after the wedding?"

Apart from living happily ever after, once you have received your USB and looked through the images, we can chat about your album if you have ordered one, once I have designed it which usually only takes a day depending on the season and you have signed it off, delivery time is usually no longer than three weeks.